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About Glass Slipper Associates, Alnis guides and auctions, and Andrew Hall

Glass Slipper Logo-Elk's head
Glass Slipper Elk's Head Logo
courtesy Capital-collectables
Andrew Hall came to my attention because the 1981 book he wrote for John Barefoot, Polish Locals, was for about 18 years the best English-language reference for Przedbˇrz local delivery stamps, which was the original sole focus of this website.

Alnis initially came to my attention because it published Alan Blunt's Poland? Forgery? handbook for distinguishing genuine from forged Polish stamps, including the Przedbˇrz issues.

Since these two items came together, so to speak, I've been trying to learn more about Glass Slipper Associates, their auctions and sales,  Alnis guides, and Andrew Hall.

A search of APRL's Philatelic Union Catalog suggests that Hall was a prolific writer from the early 1980's through mid-1990's. Alnis and Glass Slipper (which almost always are listed together) published over roughly the same period. Alnis is not mentioned in conjunction with Glass Slipper in the following cases:

All that leaves open the question of where the term "Alnis" came from.  I used to think it might be the initials of the first of the Glass Slipper Associates, but it could easily be the initials of Hall's family members (him, his wife, and his three children, or two children and one dog. If he was unmarried, it could be his initials and those of his four pets.  Unless someone can find Hall (rumored to be farming in somewhere in England, I forgot where) or some of the Glass Slipper people, we may never know.

But we now have a handle on the Glass Slipper/Alnis logo.  Nic of eBay seller Capital-collectables made the following connection:

"I have found out [about Alnis]! In ancient Latvian, alnis must have meant “deer” (in general), as in other Baltic languages; in this sense, however, the word disappeared, perhaps as a consequence of the diminishing numbers of this species in nature. J. Alunāns reintroduced it into the literary language in the 19th century with its original meaning (“deer”), but, by the beginning of the 20th century, it had changed to its modern meaning (“elk”). If we look at the picture on the book it is of a deer. So this must be the Alnis deer." (Or elk)
I knew Alnis was Latvian for elk, but I never made the connection with the Glass Slipper/Alnis logo.  So now I imagine that somehow the name Alnis was picked.  Then someone said "I wonder if Alnis actually means anything.  Oh, it's Latvian for elk.  Well, let's use an elk head for our logo."  I welcome other scenarios, or even better, some actual facts.

A Partial List of Alnis Guides

Notes: This partial list of Alnis Guides was initially compiled from eBay listings, but later I also looked at Abebooks, Amazon, and the APRL Union catalog.  The question marks arise when there are listings which don't agree in some respect.  For example, various libraries and/or eBay sellers often differ in how they list particular items.

Please let me know about other Alnis Guides, or more about Andrew Hall and the Glass Slipper Associates.

Guide # Year if known  Citation
1 1985 The Alnis Guide To Russian Levant Fantasies, 16 pgs.
2 1985 The Alnis Guide To Belgian Rationing Stamps (WWII?), 36 pgs., + loose-leaf supplement
3?   The Alnis Guide To Railway Poster Stamps of the 1930s (same as the next item?)
3 1986 The Alnis Guide To Railway Poster Stamps 1935-1936, by 'Relbmar'; 27 pgs. (UK Railways only)
4 1987 The Alnis Guide To Telephone and Telegraph Equipment at the turn of the century.
5 1992 The Alnis Guide To Russian [Revenues and] Cinderellas, by George Lysloff.  (There are five volumes, and volume five has Parts 1 & 2.  They were published from 1989 to 1995.)
6 1987? The Alnis Guide To Albania Revenues, by 'Relbmar'( 'Rambler' spelled backwards) ; 46 pgs.
7 1988 The Alnis Guide To Perfins of Ceylon and Sri Lanka, by Albert G.P. Ellis
8 1989 The Alnis Guide To 1971 Postal Strike Stamps Of Scotland, by David Stirling,  90 Pages
9 1989 The Alnis Guide To German Lost Territories and Colonies WWI Mourning Labels, 19 pgs.
10 1990 The Alnis Guide To South West Africa Revenues and Cinderellas, 1900-1978, by Leon Jacobson, 56 pgs.
11 1990 Poland? Forgery? (AKA The Alnis Guide to Poland Forgeries), by Alan Blunt
12 1985, 2nd ed.,1990 The Alnis Guide To Lord Roberts Memorial Fund Stamps, their albums and associated ephemera, by David Stirling, 60 pgs. (There's a lot on the internet about these 144 cinderella stamps, issued in 1915-16 to benefit disabled British Soldiers & Sailors.  Images of specialized stamp albums can also be found on the internet.)
13 1990 The Alnis Guide To Revenue War Tax Issues & Cinderellas of Bahrain, catalog by Jeri Cooper, 32 pgs., 1990
  1992 Alnis Handy Guide To Great Britain Revenue Stamps, by "Relbmar" (Andrew Hall?), published by Glass Slipper, York,  1992
14 (!)   Alnis Guide to The Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain, by A. McDonald, 42 pgs.
14 1991 or 1992 Alnis Guide to Peru Revenue Stamps: vol. 1, by Herbert Moll, 58 pgs.
15 1993? Alnis Guide to Peru Revenue Stamps: vol. 2, by Herbert Moll
  1993 The Alnis Guide To The Local Posts Of Morocco, Edited And Compiled By Kit Jarman, 1993, 59 Pages

16 1994-2003 The revenue stamps of Argentina, by Clive Akerman, vols. I-VI (published jointly by the American Revenuer?)

CCC library listing:
Vol. I. The Province and Municipalities of Buenos Aires. 2nd ed. (The 1st ed. of Vol. I was first published in 1999 as Alnis Guide 16);
Vol. II. The provinces and municipalities. Catamarca, Chaco, Chubut, Cordoba and Corrientes;
Vol. III. The provinces and municipalities of Entre Rios, Formosa, Jujuy, La Pampa, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones and Neuquen;
Vol. IV. The provinces and municipalities of Salta, San Juan and San Luis and the Province of Santa Fe;
Vol. V. The municipalities of Santa Fe and the provinces and municipalities of Santiago del Estero and Tucuman;
Vol. VI. The revenue stamps of the Republic of Argentina.

'The revenue stamps of the Republic Argentina was "first published as articles in The American Revenuer and The Revenue Journal of Great Britain (various from 1979)"'

    Forbin's Catalogue of South American Revenues, Alnis Press Reprint Edition
  1993 The Alnis Guide to Shipping Companies issues - Vol. 1 Spinhayer & Cieide, 18 pgs.
  1994 The Alnis guide to Tobler poster stamps, by 'Relbmar'
  1995 The Adhesive Revenue Stamps of All Ireland, by Richard Booth and Andrew Hall; Vol. IV in the Alnis Series of Standard guides and Catalogues
"Published jointly by the Author, the Cinderella Stamp Club [U.K.] and Glass Slipper"
9 ca. 1993 Christmas charity posts - the first decade : 1981-1990, by W.J.D. Annand, 203 pgs.

Wikipedia (12 Oct. 2015), quoting James Mackay's Philatelic Terms Illustrated, says 'In philately, a cinderella stamp is "virtually anything resembling a  postage stamp, but not issued for postal purposes by a government postal administration..." '  Since they published a lot about cinderella stamps, "Glass Slipper Associates" was an appropriate name for the group.

Cinderella stamps are a big deal, as you will find with in internet or eBay search. On eBay on August 2016 London eBay seller capital-collectibles was selling (among more than 2700 items) Glass Slipper auction catalogues from the late 1980s, so some of the Glass Slipper Associates were dealers, I assume.  Also offered were two 1997 auction catalogues from "Glass Slipper Auctions, a division of Connecticut Cinderellas."

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