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A Przedbórz Want List of Articles, etc.

Notes: These are not at the APRL, but might be in the PZF or German Philatelic Libraries, etc.

If you know of other articles on Przedbórz or its stamps that aren't mentioned on these pages, I'd like those as well. Your photocopying and postage charges will be reimbursed.

AKA = "Also known as"
IBJ = Illustriertes Briefmarken Journal
IWF = Illustrowane Wiadomosci Filatelistyszne
Polonus = Bulletin of the Polonus Philatelic Society (AKA Polonus Bulletin):
PZP = Polskie Znaki Pocztowe


    Article on Przedbórz in Donaupost #12, 1918. The Rundschau 1919 article (see below) refers to this as an early warning about Przedbórz forgeries.
    Dunski, Marian, Przedbórz, poczta miejska w latach 1917-1918, Filatelista Slaski, Bytom 1961 mnps. pow.; (Przedborz, city post during 1917-18, published in Silasian Philatelist, the local bulletin of the Katowice Chapter of PZF, 1961) (This is also listed in the BSR references.)
    Kowarzyk W., Post, military (with illustrations) (Poczty wojskowe), Kolomyya 1934, Kraków, 1988 reprint. (Listed in the list of references.)
   Kronika, Urzedu Pocztowego w Przedborzu (1945–1980), rkps. (K Andronicus, Post Office in Przedbórz (1945-1980), ms. (Also listed in the PSB list of references.)
    Kröger, Dr. Joseph (??), Tak zwane znaczki: poczty miejskiej Przedbórz, Filatelista, Lwów, Nr. 4-5.
Such an article does not exist in issue 4-5, but Zdzislaw and Marek Porawski have found an anonymous article in Issue 6, so it appears there is an error in the original citation. Nonetheless, Kröger may have published a relevant article about this time in some other philatelic journal.
    Mikstein article in IWF vol. 4, Issue 39 pg 6 (December 1934?)
    Perzynski, Maciej, Fałszerstwo Znackzków Polskich, Ruch, 2 vol., Warsaw, 1971, pp. 310-6, or any other pages which mention Przedbórz. (per Polonus #301 [June 1972] )
    "Stadtpost Przedborz" in Rundschau für Briefmarken-Sammler und -Händler, Koch & Bitriol, publishers, Nov.-Dec. 1919, pp 14a, 14b. I expect this to be the last page in the first article describing Przedbórzarticle forgeries.  This might reveal that there is no "Part 2" as listed below.
    "Stadtpost Przedborz" (part 2) in Rundschau für Briefmarken-Sammler und -Händler, Koch & Bitriol, publishers, Jan.-Feb. 1920. This is the "to be continued" article mentioned in Rundschau, Nov.-Dec. 1919, but according to [Bungerz 1919] it was not actually published then.

Przedbórz articles in other languages (Czech, Russian, French, etc.)
  or any other Przedbórz articles that I haven't found so far.

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