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About Stanley Kronenberg
For 25+ years prior to his death in December 2000, Dr. Kronenberg had served as the leading Polish Philatelic authority and expert residing in the USA. He was a prolific author and during the course of his life assembled what has been characterized as the most complete and annotated collection of Poland ever known to exist.

In mid-2008, I was fortunate to be given access to high-resolution scans of the 46 pages of his collection pertaining to the Przedbórz issues.

Dr. Kronenberg's Przedbórz material and notes appear to be the most extensive reference material that is known in the English language and for the most part it has never been previously published or made available to philatelists.

Because this material is both: I have reviewed his scans and added all notes that seemed relevant.

Thanks to Hank Bieniecki for rewriting this note.

Last modified 7 Oct. 2015