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A Non-Przedborz Philatelic Bibliography

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"Cited As" is the abbreviation used in this website. (The key ones, Barefoot, Blunt, Petriuk and PZP, are in Bold)

"Citation" is the actual journal or book citation, sometimes annotated.

AKA = "Also known as"
IBJ = Illustriertes Briefmarken Journal
IWF = Illustrowane Wiadomosci Filatelistyszne
Polonus = Bulletin of the Polonus Philatelic Society (AKA Polonus Bulletin):
PZP = Polskie Znaki Pocztowe

Lang. Cited As Citation
  Auleytner [2007] Auleytner, Prof. Julian, A Newly Discovered Postal Rate for Lublin and Lwów (1918-1919), Polonus 529 (Winter, 2007), pp 3-9
R, E Bazilevich [1927, 1987] Bazilevich, K. V. The Russian Posts in the XIX Century, 1927 (In Russian). English translation by David Skipton, 1987. Translation available from the Rossica Society of Russian Philately as "Rossica Translation No. 2 ” (i.e., the second of a series.) Note: I have a PDF in which the pages are not numbered, so all page numbers are those of the PDF.
  Berrisford [2006, 2007a,b] See the following entry for Alan Blunt. Some of the articles are by Berrisford, some by Blunt, and some by both.
  Blunt [2006a, 2007a,b,c; 2008a] Blunt, Alan, & Alan Berrisford, Court Delivery Service, Part 1 in Dyliżans #43 (October 2006) pp 8-19 [Alan Berrisford], Part 2 in Dyliżans #44 (Jan. 2007), pp 8-11 [Berrisford], Part 3 in Dyliżans #45 (April 2007), pp 11-17 [Berrisford & Blunt], Part 4 in Dyliżans #48 (Jan. 2008), pp 12-16 [Blunt]
  Bojanowicz [2008a,b] Bojanowicz, M. Introduction to the Philately of the Kingdom of Poland, in Dylizans (the journal of the Society for Polish Philately in Great Britain, AKA S-P-P). a) Part I is in Dylizans #48, January 2008, pp 3-11. b) Part II is in Dylizans #50, July 2008, pp 12-15.
  Borkowski [1957] Borkowski, Joseph A., Historical Fragments of the Polish Postal System, in Stamps, Feb. 23, 1957, pp. 278-9; reprinted in Polonus Issue 148 [March 1957]
  Boyarky [2010] Boyarky, Abe, Perforation Varieties on the 3-Cent 1861 George Washington, published in The American Philatelist, November 2010, pp. 1044-7
  Brett [1978a, b] Brett, George W., Perforation Terms - I, and Perforation Terms - II, published in The United States Specialist, (1978a:) January, 1978, pp. 47-48, (1978b:) February, 1978, pp. 91-92
  Carlton [1997] Carlton, R. Scott, The International Encyclopædic Dictionary of Philately, krause publications, Iola, WI. This has a multi-language glossary in the back, and snippets of philatelic history in the main section.
R, E [Chuchin 1984] Chuchin, F.G., Russian Zemstovs, European Philately Nr. 15, 1984 (This may be a translation of Chuchin's 1925 work.)
    You can also look up Zemstovs in Wikipedia, and follow the links to a lot of Russian history.
  Curry [1939a, b] Curry. Walter W., Poland -- Land of the While Eagle, Weekly Philatelic Gossip, a): Nov. 11, 1939, pp.228 ff; b): Nov. 18, 1939, pp. 258 ff. Part I starts with the founding of Poland; part II starts with Polish history in the early 1500's.
  Cwiakala, [1972a, b,c, d] Cwiakala, Charles E. and Zdislaw Wagrowski, Poland's Postal History, Western Stamp Collector, a – April 22, 1972 (a review of Polish History), b – June 24, c – Sept. 16, d – Nov. 25, 1972 (This reviews some of the confusing Polish history of the late 1700's and early 1800's.)
  Cwiakala, [1973a, b,c] (Continued) a – Jan. 20, 1973, about Krakow from about 1815 to about 1847; b – March 17, c – May 26, 1973. Mr. Cwiakala tells me (3/4/09 email) that the four 1972 and three 1973 artilces are all the ones in the series.
  Domanski [1941] Domanski, Vincent and Stephen Rich, Poland, the Stampless Period, 1941 Orange Book, Stamp Specialist. Available on the Kingdom of Poland Postal History CD from Chris Kulpinski at http://www.kulpinski.net/philately/
  Kamienski [1980] Kamienski, M.A., Poland, the Early Issues to 1920, Polonus Bulletin, issue 381 (July-August 1980), pp. 381-5 to 11, reprinted from Canadian Philatelist, XXI, No. 1.
  Kronenberg [1980] Kronenberg, Stanley, Poland – Court of Justice Mail Stamps, American Philatelist, April 1980, pp 345-6 (Describes problems delivering legal documents in Eastern Galicia, which probably occurred in Przedbórz as well.)
  Kuzych [2013a, b, c] Kuzych, Ingert, Before Lemberg: (Parts I, II, III), The Development of the Mail System In Central Europe And The Beginnings Of The Postal Service In Lwów (Lviv),  Polonus Bulletin Issues 550 (pp 11-14), 551 (pp 14-17), 552 (pp 14-18) (March, June, September, 2013)
  Kuzych [2014] Kuzych, Ingert, LEMBERG: Cosmopolitan Crownland Capital of the Austrian Empire,  Ukrainian Philatelic Resources, Springfield Virginia, 2014. This is an all-one-place, larger format postal history with a little additional information compared to Kuzych [2013a,b,c]. The main attraction is the reproduction of his outstanding 144-page award-winning exhibit.  Read my review.
  Lana [1992] Lana, Robert E., Tuscan merchant founded Polish Royal Post, Linn's Stamp News, Jan. 13, 1992, pp.26 ff.
  Maslowski [1973a,b,c] Maslowski, W. and A. Droar, Austrian Machines Used On Polish Perforations, Gibbons Stamp Monthly, June 1973, pp 14-16, July 1973, pp 39-41, August 1973, pp 56-59. (Thanks to Frank Karwoski for showing me copies.)
P, E Mikstein [1936] Mikstein, Stanislaw, The Kingdom of Poland, Postal Markings in Poland During the 18th Century (1762 - 1800). Ikaros, Bialistock, 1936. Translated by Ryszard Poddubiuk, and republished in English [when?] as a Polonus Handbook by the Polonus Philatelic Society. Reformated version [2004?] is available on the Kingdom of Poland Postal History CD from Chris Kulpinski at http://www.kulpinski.net/philately/.

The APRL (American Philatelic Research Library) catalog entry says this was originally published as Pieczecie posctowe na ziemiach Polski w XVIII wieku (1762-1800), z licznemi ilustracjami i tablicami. Bialystok, [Poland] : Nakladem Czasopisma "Ikaros", 1936. The APRL has a 1987 reprint published by Wydawnictwo Literackie (Krakow) as part of the latter's Bibljoteka czasopisma filatelistycznego "Ikaros" series.
  Mustacich [2014] Mustacich, Robert, 2014, Freak or Fake? A New Fingerprinting Method for Distinguishing between Original and Fraudulent Extra Perforation of 19th Century Revenue Stamps, The American Revenuer 67 (First Quarter 2014): pp. 2-19. (I haven't yet seen the article, but had an extensive conversation with Mustacich at Westpex 2014.)  The article includes an extensive bibliography on perforations.
  Novak [ ] Novak, Edward, Sr., Poland's Self-Sustaining World War I Postal Services. Tear sheet from unknown journal.
  Penn [1947] Penn, Alex S., Papers and Perforations of the 1920-25 Period, Gibbon's Stamp Monthly, March, 1947, pp 80-82; discusses early perforations in post-WWI Poland. (Thanks to Frank Karwoski for showing it to me.)
  Prigara [1941, 1981] Prigara, Sergej Vasil'evich, The Russian Post in the Empire, Turkey, China and the Post in The Kingdom of Poland, English translation by David M. Skipton, 1981.  Originally published in Russian, 1941.  1981 translation available from the Rossica Society of Russian Philately
G Rainer [1995] Rainer, Herwig, Stempel-Handbuch der k.u.k. Feldpost in Österreich-Ungarn 1914-1918 (Stamp Handbook of k.u.k. Military post in Austria-Hungary, 1914-1918), 1995. Available to borrow from the APRL. I haven't yet seen this book.
  Rhoads [1999] Rhoads, Roger R., The Free Delivery System in the Nineteenth Century, American Philatelist, Nov. 1999, pp. 1072-1077
  USPS [1980] USPS, We Deliver — The Story of the U.S. Postal Service, 1980
  Wilkinson [1953] Wilkinson, Raymond Moore, How it Happened, Weekly Philatelic Gossip, June 6, 1953
  Williams [1990] Williams, L. N., Fundamentals of Philately, American Philatelic Society, 1990.
  Werbizky [2010] Werbizky, George G., Russian Rural Post; A Primer, American Philatelist, Issue 1311 (Vol. 124, No. 4, April 2010), pp. 334-343
  Youngblood [2010] Youngblood, Wayne, Spurious Stamps (and Covers), American Philatelist, Issue 1315 (Vol. 124, No. 8, August 2010), pp. 724-728. Includes What Are Bogus, Fakes, Forgeries & Counterfeits sidebar on pp. 726-7. Or see Some Myths Just Won't Die in The Brookman Times, Vol. 16 #4 (Summer 2010), pp. 4-5
  Youngblood [2014] Youngblood, Wayne, "Mostly Misunderstood: Part II of Confusing Hobby Terminology", American Philatelist #1361 (Vol. 128, No. 6. June 2014), pp. 528-532.
P Zaprzal [1956] Zaprzal, M. Filatelistyka w teorii i praktyce. (Philately in theory and practice.) Warszawa : Biuro Wydawnicze "Ruch", 1956. 143 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Mikstein, Stanislaw & Laszkiewicz, Antoni, eds. (Seems to have something on the history of the Polish Post, pp. 18 ff.)

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