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A Warsaw Philatelic Bibliography


"Cited As" is the abbreviation used in this website. (The key ones, Barefoot, Blunt, Petriuk and PZP, are in Bold)

"Citation" is the actual journal or book citation, sometimes annotated.

AKA = "Also known as"
IBJ = Illustriertes Briefmarken Journal
IWF = Illustrowane Wiadomosci Filatelistyszne
Polonus = Bulletin of the Polonus Philatelic Society (AKA Polonus Bulletin):
PZP = Polskie Znaki Pocztowe

Lang. Cited As Title
[Alnis] Blunt, Alan, Warsaw section in Alnis Guide #11 AKA “Poland? Forgeries?” ("DWARS" pages)
  [Barefoot, 1999, 2011] Barefoot, John, Poland 1918 Locals, J. Barefoot, Ltd., York, England (1999) (pp. 34-41). Second Ed., 2011, pp. 46-54
  [Blunt 1990] Blunt, Alan, Poland? Forgery? Alnis Guide 11 (Glass Slipper and Associates), York (UK) 19902
E [Braunstein 1962a,b] Braunstein, I, "Stamps of the Warsaw Local Post - 1915"; Sections I-III in The Journal of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately, No. 62, pp. 29-33. Continued in No. 63, pp. 44-47.
P Fischer [2006] Fischer, Andrzej, et. al., Polskich Znaków Pocztowych, Tom II, 2006, Firma Handlowo-Uslugowa Andrzej Fischer [FHU], Bytom & Kraków, PL.

Fischer is now the most widely-quoted Polish stamp catalog. Tom II covers locals, POW issues and other back-of-the-book material. Przedbórz in on pp 43-44. (et al refers to the 35+ experts, editors, etc. who are listed on the inside title page.)
G Głuszek [unknown date] Głuszek, J. U., J. Heesakker, P. Krzyzanowski, Spezial Katalog Lokal-Stadt-Post, 1914-1918, Arnheim, NL, sometime after 1960. This seems to be volume six of a seven-volume typewritten series self-published by Głuszek. We assume this is published after 1960, because volume one covers Polish general issues from 1860-1960. He covers a lot of Warsaw issues, but I don't know enough to comment on accuracy, completeness, etc.
  [Hall 1981] Hall, Andrew, Poland Locals, York: J. Barefoot (1981)
  [Hurt & Williams] E. F. Hurt & L. N. & M. Williams, Handbook of the Private Local Posts, Published as Billig's Specialized Catalogues, Volume 6, Fritz Billig, Jamaica, N.Y. (I don't have the date.) Pp. 113-115. (Note that at least half the stamps illustrated are forgeries.)
P [Jankowski 1997] Jankowski, Michał and Korzeń, Zbigniew, Katalog Znaczków I Całostek Ziem Polskich, Tom II 1997
E [Karwacki 1993] Karwacki, Antooni, et al, Post and Philately in Wielkopolska: Poczta Polska, Dyrekcja Okregu Poczty w Poznaniu ; Oficyna Wydawnicza Atena, 1993.
P [Kawecka, et al 1980] Kawecka, Wiesława, & Andrzej Myślicki, Eds., Katalog Specjalizowany Znakow Pocztowych Ziem Polskich, 1981 Tom 1 (pp 176-179)
P [Kowarzyk] Kowarzyk, Władysław, Poczty Wojskowe Na Ziemiach Polskich w Latach 1914 - 1919 (z ilustracjami), [ Military Post Offices in the Polish Lands Years 1914 - 1919 (with illustrations)], Bibljotecka "Ilustrowanego Kurjera Filatelistycznego". Originally published ~1935-38. I have the 1988 reprint by Jan Malik, pub. by Polskiego Związku Filatelistów. Przedbórz is on pp. 32-39
  Kronenberg [2000] Kronenberg, Stanley, Przedbórz portion of his reference/expertizing collection. Scans of the entire collection are available on the Polonus Philatelic Society website, courtesy of Dr. Eva Kronenberg and Hank Bieniecki (Bieniecki International, Inc.). References are to her assigned scan ids, so that viewers will be able to refer to Dr. Kronenberg's comments and stamp images when they are posted on the Polonus website, and for my own reference.
  [Larking 1930, 1950] Larking, R. N. W., "Poland - the Postal Issues During and After the Great War", Gibbons Stamp Monthly, Feb. 1930. Reprinted in Polonus, Issue 85 [May 1950], pp. 19-20.
G [Meyer-Margreth 1970a-d] Meyer-Margreth, Dr. Ernst, "Die Stadtposten im besetzten Polen im 1. Weltkrieg (2. Teil)", Der Sammler-Dienst. Coburg, 1970, #17 (22 August) pp. 1120-1122, #18 (5 Sept.), pp. 1190-1192; #19 (19 Sept.) pp. 1263-1264
G, P, J (Japanese) [Petriuk 1980] Petriuk, Stefan, Poczta miejska m. st. Warszawy 1915-1918, also published as Stadtpost der Hauptstadt Warschau 1915-1918; 1980; 3 editions (German, Polish, and ... Japanese (!)
P [PZP 1935] Łaszkiewicz, Antoni, ed., Polskie Znaki Pocztowe, pp. 195-225, Białystok, 1935, Nakładem czasopisma “Ikaros”
P [PZP 1966] Łaszkiewicz, Antoni, and Mikulski, Zbigneiw, Polskie Znaki Pocztowe, Tom IV, pp. 1082-1094, Warsaw, 1966, Panstwowe Przedsiebiorstwo Filatelistyczne "Ruch"
G,E [Schroeder 1949, 1954] Schroeder, Arthur, Schach den Fälschungen (1949); also published as "Forgeries of the Polish Locals", Polonus Issue 120 (March-April 1954), pp. 120-2 to 120-4. (Translated by John Gapinski.) (The 1949 article might be the first to identify different types of forgeries, but only for the 1st issue, however.)



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