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Alan Blunt died 15 August, 2012 from complications of Parkinson's disease diagnosed in late 2007. He was 72.

He had written widely about various aspects of Polish philately, and had been the editor of Dyliżans, the bulletin of the Society for Polish Philately in Great Britain (SPP).

His 2004 Dyliżans series on Przedbórz remains the most complete printed description of the various genuine and forged types of Przedbórz local delivery stamps.

He had provided me with copies of Przedbórz philatelic literature, images of stamps, and much encouragement. Without him, this website wouldn't have been possible.

Alan was generous with his time and attention, and he is greatly missed.

Thanks to Jan Korzeniowski, S-P-P Chairman and Polonus member, for the photo and some of the information about Alan.

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