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This section, from Pogonowski [1993], shows examples of the reaffirmation/ratifications of the 1264 Polish Jewish Charter, in which the most recent actions surround or cover earlier ones. (The successive indents are mine, intended to emphasize the document "nesting".)

1539 Certain duly appointed elder Jews of the state of Posnania displayed in the presence of the court of the lord governor a letter of his sacred royal majesty the most serene lord Casimir, by grace of God late King of Poland, written on parchment under the seal of his sacred royal majesty granted to them and other Jews, which letter for various humane reasons they asked to be entered there in the book of the acts of the town of Poznan; and the lord judge of causes of the town of Poznan, presiding over the court with [other] lords, having heard and reheard the petition of the aforesaid Jews, and having diligently examined the letter itself and found it intact throughout, ordered it to be entered word for word in the present book and to be inscribed therein letter for letter.
1453 In the name of the Lord amen! We, Casimir, by the grace of God King of Poland and of the lands of Cracovia, Sandomiria, Siradia, Lancicia, and Cujavia, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Pomorania, and Ruthenia, lord and heir, etc., to the perpetual memory of the matter: We indicate by the content of these presents to all, present and future, whosoever shall have notice of these presents how before our majesty our personally appointed Jews from the lands of Greater Poland, to wit, from the palatinates of Posnania, Calischia, Siradia, Lancicia, Brzest, and Wladislavia and the districts pertaining to them demonstrated by their exposition that the rights which they had from the most serene prince of famous memory, lord Casimir King of Poland, etc., our distant predecessor, and which they had enjoyed in the times of other kings our predecessors, and in our times and right up to the present, had also been reduced to ashes at the time when our city of Poznan was consumed by engulfing fire with us present; they asked .and humbly supplicated us that we might deign graciously to restore, ratify and confirm the same rights after a copy of the same rights which they displayed before us. Now the content of these rights thus copied follows word for word and is as follows:
1334 In the name of the Lord amen. We Casimir, by the grace of God King of Poland and of the lands of Cracovia, Siradia, Sandomiria, Lancicia, Cujavia, lord and heir of Posnania, wish to bring to the attention of all persons, both present and future, that, coming to the presence of our majesty and of our landed nobles, certain of our Jews from our realm having residence in Greater Poland showed a privilege given to them by the most serene Duke Boleslaus of happy memory, who was earlier the duke and lord of the lands of Poland, and containing in it their laws and statutes; whereas we have considered the privilege and its statutes with the exhaustive deliberation of our royal majesty and with the deliberation and advice of our lords and landed nobles, and have read the aforesaid privilege word for word and have not found in any article anything which should displease our majesty or seem to detract from our right, now therefore with the full agreement of our majesty and of our lords and landed nobles, we order and command the renewal and confirmation of the aforesaid privilege, declaring it acceptable, pleasing, and firm.
1264   (The text of the 1264 Charter is then repeated, or so I thought until I compared the two translations.)
1334   (The "signature page" is missing from Pogonowski's copy.)
1453 And we, Casimir, the aforesaid king, having heard the aforesaid rights of the described Jews, and with due deliberation having reviewed them with certain counselors of our kingdom, and having examined and pondered the single articles, clauses, and conditions expressed in them, and wishing that the Jews themselves, whom we preserve as a special treasure for ourselves and our kingdom, should acknowledge that in the time of our happy reign they were benefited by us, on behalf of the same Jews in the lands of greater Poland, to wit: in the palatinates of Posnania, Calisia, Siradia, Lancicia, Brzest, Vladislavia, and all districts, cities, and towns pertaining to them, and among the same inhabitants and sojourners now present and others coming from any other place into the lands of Greater Poland, we renew, ratify, and confirm through these presents the rights of this sort hereabove described, in all their points, conditions, clauses, and articles, decreeing that they have the strength of perpetual confirmation of this present letter to which our seal is appended in testimony. Enacted in Cracow on Monday, the day before the Feast of the Assumption of the Most Glorious Virgin Mary, in the year of our Lord one thousand four hundred and fifty-three, there being present there the eminent, distinguished, and able Lucas de Gorka, Palatine of Posnania, Stanislaus de Ostrorog, Palatine of Calissia; Hyncza de Rogow, Castellan of Siradia and Vice-Treasurer, Peter de Sczekocim, Vice-Chancellor of the Kingdom of Poland; Andreas de Thanczin; Joannes Kraska de Lwbnicza, Butler of Calissia and Governor of Coninsia; and Czrzeslaus Woysschik de Woycza, our Supreme Chamberlain; and many others worthy of trust in regard to the foregoing. Given by the hands of the eminent Joannes de Konieczpolia, Chancellor, and Peter de Sczekoczini, Vice-Chancellor of the Kingdom of Poland, who are sincerely esteemed by us, for the archives of the same eminent Peter de Sczekocim, Vice-Chancellor of the Kingdom of Poland.
1539 King Sigismund ratifies.


© Translations, Iwo Pogonowski, 1993; permission to use requested; fair use claimed in the meantime.
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