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History/Geography "home" page (also has a couple of map links) Town History introduction (also has links to a couple of photos.) Jewish and General Polish History intro
Town Map with several photos, scans, etc.   About the Coat of Arms    To 1264 C.E.,   1265-1700,   After 1700
Philatelic History Introduction   About the Castle
  Przedbˇrz Mail Prior to 1917   About Przedbˇrz People Introduction to Poland's Jewish Charters
    1892, 1914 and other Przedbˇrz Postmarks
  Comparing the 1244 & 1264 Charters as documented by Chazan.
  Relevant Topics in Russian Postal History Polish Wooden Synagogues in general   Comparing the "1264" Charters as documented by Chazan & by Pogonowski.
   Impetus for Local Delivery Stamps

    Initial Approval
The Przedborz Wooden Synagogue with almost twenty pages of associated views and discussion, including several on the famous ceiling.    The reaffirmation "sandwich"
    First Forgery Warning, the Senf Brothers dealership, and a Senf advertising postal card. Thomas Hubka and the Gwoździec synagogue    Partial List of Poland's Jewish Charters
    Philatelic Endeavor Debate Germans in WWI Poland People
    A Provocative Abramsohn Cover     Przedbˇrz People
  Rates and Usage   Senf world-wide facimiles and specimens   Wooden Synagogue People, Post-WWII
    Furthest Known Delivery     Thomas Hubka
    Court Mail     Przedbˇrz Stamp People
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