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Year Event Source
1745 Jews permitted to build 25 houses (rebuilt? additional?), and the synagogue. (This was after another disastrous fire, and is when construction started on the famous synagogue.) Slownik Geograficzny
1765 The census list 37 Jewish owner-occupied houses and 46 Jewish houses rented out (to Jews? to Christians?) Slownik Geograficzny
1766? R. Jacob Isaac Ben Asher Przysucha (Pshishkha), founder of Pshishkha Chasidism, is born in Przedbórz. Jewish Virtual Library, quoting the Encyclopedia Judaica.
1789 The census says the town is "overfilled with Jews." Slownik Geograficzny
ca. 1910 Approximately 75% of the 5,885 residents are Jewish. www.jewishgen.org
Between the World Wars (1920's & 30's) It seems likely that the synagogue was no longer in good repair, even though it was partially under the jurisdiction of the Polish Institute of Historical Buildings (or whatever it was called). 1 Most of the shabbos davening (Saturday services) occurred in the various Chassidic shtibls, with the big shul used for weekday morning (& evening?) services, major Holidays, and perhaps classes and social activities. Fried Wittman's recollection of two interviews with former Przedbórz residents.
1 Sept. 1939 Germany invades Poland across the entire border and through the air.  
2 Sept. 1939 (18 Elul, 5699) Two German tanks appear on the Pilica river bridge; at 2 PM the next day, 3 Sept., 5 tanks appear, and start firing on the town.

According to Wikipedia, the first units are from the German Second Armored Division, followed on 6 Sept. by the German First Light Division. The Polish 36th Infantry Division tries to defend Przedbˇrz.
Huberband [1987], pg. 296 ff.
3 - 8 Sept. 1939 The Przedbórz synagogue was destroyed some time this week Huberband [1987, pg. 297]
17 Sept. 1939 Russia invades Poland from the east.  
9 -12 Oct. 1942 (28 Tishrei, 5703) Przedbórz Jews rounded up on 9 Oct., and marched to Radomsko, then deported to Treblinka on 10-12 Oct., where almost all perish. JewishGen section on Przedbórz during the Holocaust. (pp. 206-208)
27 May 1945 Retuning Jews attacked as Russian collaborators, by Wladyslaw Kolacznski's underground group. (JewishGen says it was someone named Dovski, but that might have been on a separate occasion.) http://www.ilyaluvish.com/post-world-war-2-pogroms/, quoting (footnote 8) Engel [1998], pp. 76.


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1. This view is certainly consistent with the Piechotka's photographs.

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