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Year Event Source
1595 King Zygmunt III prohibits the purchase of additional home by Jews. (Presumably, Jews could replace a home which had been damaged or destroyed. This presumably was a way to slow down Jewish immigration.) Slownik Geograficzny
1636 Of 162 homes in town, the census records that 10 (including the Synagogue) were Jewish, each paying 2 Zloty tax instead of the 1 Gr. tax paid by non-Jews, and 6 Jewish rentals (paying 1 Zloty tax.) So a Jewish landlord's property tax was 100X that of a non-Jew, and a Jew who lived in his own house paid 200X. Slownik Geograficzny
1638 After a disastrous fire, King Wladyslaw IV permits the Jewish Community to:
  1. Rebuild the houses, businesses and synagogue;
  2. conduct commerce of all kind, purchase all types of food, slaughter animals and sell the meat [in particular to sell to Christians the non-kosher parts such as the hindquarters], and produce alcoholic beverages and to sell them in taverns.
The King also guarantees former rights, freedoms, customs, and taxes. (I.e., the Jews were not to suffer tax increases -- although this may have meant disproportionate tax increases.)
Slownik Geograficzny


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