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Court Mail
Court Mail is a relevant topic for Przedbórz philately because it is alleged that the 6th, 7th and 8th issues were used on court mail and tax documents. This is how someone (possibly prof. dr hab. Julian Auleytner) at Chicagopex 2007 explained it to me, and how Stan Kronenberg [1980] explained it:

See also Berrisford and Blunt [2006; 2007a, b; 2008]

Thanks to prof. dr hab. Julian Auleytner for a stimulating discussion at ChicagoPex 2007. His point was that in the early 1900's, for many working-class and peasant Poles, a court summons or order would be the most common mail, and that would often be delivered by court messenger, not by the postal service.

Prof. Auleytner is NOT responsible for any errors above, and I publicly apologize to him if I misinterpreted or misstated his remarks.

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