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These "Before Lemberg" PDFs are made available courtesy of the Polonus Philatelic Society as examples of the high-quality information provided its members.

Dr. Ingert Kuzych, the author, has also graciously granted permission for the use of these articles.

Dr. Kuzych is a prolific writer on the subjects of Austrian, Ukrainian, and Russian postal history. Examples include:

Kuzych's most recent (mid-2014) book is LEMBERG: Cosmopolitan Crownland Capital of the Austrian Empire, which includes more postal history than the three Before Lemberg articles. See the 2014 press release PDF and/or my personal review of the book.

Read Before Lemberg, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (PDFs in new windows)

Kuzych's Maps: Dr. Kuzych has also kindly provided the original scans of the two maps in his book and the Before Lemberg PDFs. These scans are much larger than the published ones. The links open in new browser windows.  They are both large files which can take awhile to load.

These maps were available on the Internet, although Dr. Kuzych did not provide me with the source URLs. The fact that he found them on the Internet makes one wonder what other postal maps are also available online.

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