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My review of LEMBERG: Cosmopolitan Crownland Capital of the Austrian Empire, by Dr. Ingert Kuzych, 2014

Lemberg has three main categories of material:

  1. A 17-page review of European and Polish postal history to 1772, including the early Lemberg (Lvov in Polish, now Lviv in Ukrainian) posts. While not greatly expanded from the Polonus "Before Lemberg" series, it is somehow very nice to have it all in one document, with somewhat better layout and a few corrections.  The book has significantly larger images.  Its larger maps are significantly easier to read than those in the Polonus series.  The "all-in-one-place" feature alone was worth the price for me.  This must now be the standard English-language work for initiating a study of pre-Partition Polish philatelic history.
  2. Kuzych's award-winning 9-frame (144 page) exhibit is the largest part of the book.  It has the advantage that you can peruse the material and discussion at your leisure, and don't have to bring a low stool to read the bottom pages.  And it's truly an monumental exhibit.
  3. Another twelve pages are about the origins and evolution of the exhibit and related commentary.
I was very impressed by the quality of the book as well as the amount of philatelic information provided and material shown.

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