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Looking For The People involved in Przedbórz Local Delivery

The people involved in the Przedbórz local delivery program include the following

We don't know much about most of these people, although someone doing some serious genealogy research could probably find out more. One important resource is the Przedborzki Słonik Biograficzny (PSB, or Przedbórz Biographical Dictionary), which has listings (in Polish) for Abramsohn, Franczak, and Roman Kosmulski.

I think the PSB says that Kosmulski was appointed to the city council by the Austrian military administration, and then was chosen by the city council to be mayor.  This would have been in late 1916 or early 1917.  By 1923 he presumably was off the council.

The PSB also has a biography of (Shmuel or Samuel) Helfand, the photographer, saying he also was on the city council.

There's some data on Adolf Pański on the internet.  One item is a very interesting article on Jewish Printers in Piotrkow. Apparently in earlier times one part of the printing operation had been dedicated to publishing Judaica.  I have the impression that Pański's descendants are still active in Piotrow, but perhaps not as printers.

The above article on Jewish Printing seems to be an adaptation of another article on, Jewish Publishing Establishmentsin Piotrkow. Between the two, I have the impression that Pański  got the printing job because a) it was the largest nearby printer, b) it had a reputation for quality, and c) it might have been a case on one Jewish firm dealing with another.

On other fronts, I wasn't able to find more information on Echhardt or Urbanski, nor was I able to find a Warsaw listing for Abramsohn in the 1916 General Government Polen. Adressbuch für Industrie, Handel und Landwirtschaft (Polan. Ksiega adresowa dla przemysłu, handlu i rolnictwa or the Polish address book for industry, trade, and agriculture), available online in djvu format from the Silesian Digital Library (Śląska Biblioteka Cyfrowa) (The link is to the online directory which opens in a new window.  While you can view the file online, I downloaded the 80 MB file and installed a DJVU reader downloaded from CNET.)

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