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A Debate Topic: Were the Przedbórz stamps a philatelic endeavor?
Yes: The argument in favor of the proposition that this was entirely a philatelic endeavor, even though there was real postal usage.

  1. Abramsohn, the probable instigator, was a local stamp dealer later implicated in Zarki forgeries.
  2. Why else have the fantastic system of allowing recipients to avoid paying the local delivery fee by removing the contents and returning the cover or wrapper to the postman?
  3. Why print two-sided proofs (A relatively uncommon phenomena.)
  4. Why produce Issues 6-8 after their postal use had been prohibited?
  5. Why was there a disproportionate volume of items originating in one part of Warsaw and going to a small number of people in Przedbórz?
  6. There are many underfranked items, far more than normally seen in philately. Is that because stamp dealers were the only people interested in these items?
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No: The argument that this was primarily a postal enterprise, with incidental philatelic value.
  1. (No argument submitted.)
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To me, the cover below adds weight to the "Yes" side, because it appears to be a registered cover containing printed matter that Abramsohn sent to himself. (Although other explanations are possible.)

A Fascinating, Provocative Cover

Illustrated here is a cover listed on eBay in the summer of 2009.

I would argue that the cover was sent by Abramsohn to himself or his family.

The cover is hand-stamped DRUKI, or printed matter. The philatelic literature often describes Abramsohn as an entrepreneur and stamp dealer.

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