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This section outlines some highlights of Russian Postal history which seem relevant to Przedborz, which was under Russian control from 1815 to 1915.1

Warning: I've been warned that Russian Philatelic History is very complex and difficult to understand. Some of the following is an image I've pieced together, and is probably not quite accurate or is even totally wrong. It is a beginner's start.

This page is only about The Russian State Post Office system, in which the Przedbórz office was a otdelenie:

1. This section is based on email correspondence with Martin Spufford and David Skipton, as well as the Rossica/Skipton translations of Bazilevich and of Prigara.

2. There are some issues about the nominclature: 3. Some related anecdotes from the U.S. Postal service can be found here.

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