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Cancel from an 1843 stampless cover sold on eBay in July 2011.

Here's an 1892 cancel on a cover from Przedbórz to Warsaw, proving that the former was in the Russian partition. Scan courtesy of Martin Spufford.

4-Ring cancels

Bridge Cancels — used after 1903, according to David Skipton. Here are two 1914 Przedbórz "Przedborz Radom" cancels. (Radom was the name of the guberniya [Russian Administrative Unit.])

A "bridge" cancel typically has a circle with the date appearing within a pair of horizontal bars spanning across the center of the cancel, forming the "bridge". (The left image has been "Joetoshopped".)

Other types of Przedbórz cancels probably existed in various periods. For example, 
  1. David Skipton says we should look for "cross-date" cancels. This is an example borrowed from, a website on Lithuanian postal history.

  2. Russian number 554 triangle dot cancelHoward Weinert's article "The Numbered Dotted Postmarks of Russia" in the Journal of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately #162 (Spring 2014, pp. 44-77) indicates (Table XVI, pg 72) that Przedbˇrz was assigned post office number 1090 in November, 1870 effective 1 January 1871, and would have used a triangle dot cancel as seen here, but with number 1090.

    At this writing I don't know when such usage would have stopped and if and when Przedbˇrz would have gotten back its old office number.

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