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This postal card advertises the Senf 1907 catalog: 1.50 Mk for the postal stationary catalog, 3.50 Mk for the stamp catalog, and 4.50 Mk for both in one volume.

My stamp club was more interested in the front of the postal card:

Helmut Blaschczyk of the East Bay Collectors Club explains the card roughly as follows: (I've added some conjectures, and a footnote. Of course, any errors are my fault, not his.)

The card is listed in the Michel Ganzsachen-Katalog Deutschland (Postal Stationary catalog.) My copy is dated 1989, and the card is listed on page 112 as either a PZD 2 X or a PZD 2 Y, depending on whether or not it has a Wz.2 wavy-line watermark. (I haven't looked yet.)

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1. Subsequent to the above discussion, Helmut added some more information gleaned from some Michel catalog, I believe.

Among Germany's postal rates were the following (with exceptions to be noted below):
This provides two possible scenarios for this Senf card:
  1. Perhaps (and most likely?) it was Senf’s general practice to buy 2 pf. postal cards (Postkarte) and get them refranked as 3 pf. Printed Matter Cards (Drucksache), because it would still be less expensive than the 5 pf. postal card rate.
  2. or perhaps Senf had purchased some cards to use for local mailings at the 2 pf. rate, but then had to refrank them after that rate expired on 6/30/1906.
It should be easy to check which one (or both?) scenarios were used by watching for Senf cards mailed before 6/30/1906, e.g., those announcing earlier catalogs, sales, etc.

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