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Warning!   We have recently been offered large quantities from several sources of the local Przedborz stamps reported in issue #12 (948).  Both unused and used copies, the first in sheets and the latter on piece, some with Austrian Etappenstempel, have all proven to be dangerous forgeries.  We advise extreme caution in the acquisition of Przedborz stamps.  Unfortunately lack of time precludes us from expertizing these stamps.1

Gebrüder Senf

1.  The image has been "Photoshopped™" so that the journal name and date adjoin the warning. In the actual journal, the warning is at the bottom of the page. Thanks to Helmut Blaschczyk for the above translation.

2.  Louis was actually Wilhelm August Louis Senf [1852-1940]; Richard was actually Emil Louis Richard Senf [1855-1941]. 3.   See a postcard advertising their 1907 catalog: 1.50 Mk for the postal stationary catalog, 3.50 Mk for the stamp catalog, and 4.50 Mk for both in one volume. My stamp club was more interested in the front of the card, shown here.

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