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Furthest Known Delivery

Radoszyce postcard

The above post card, expertized by Petriuk in the lower right corner, was mailed on July 30, 1918 from someplace-on-Oder (?) to Radoszyce, Poland, via Przedbórz. Unfortunately, the Przedbórz postmark date in early August is not legible, else it might also be a latest-known-usage item.

The postcard has a Nr. 15B 5 Halerzy stamp added for local delivery, but according to Petriuk, pg. 71, it should have been a 10 Halerzy stamp. Perhaps the rates had changed, or perhaps there was a large separate cash payment for the distance covered.

Radoszyce is about 26 versts (or viersts) or about 17 miles due east of Przedbórz. (A Polish verst must have been the same distance as a Russian one, i.e., slightly over a kilometer.)

Jerry Zedlitz says that outlying communities were served by the Botenpost, some sort of auxiliary messenger service.

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