People Influential in Polish Wooden Synagogues, Post WWII

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Overview:  Although almost every wooden synagogue in Poland and Lithuania was destroyed in WWII, a number of people have contributed to keeping their memory alive and in the public consciousness.  This page lists those I know about, and some I don't know about.

After I realized that the names show up in various sections in this website, I decided that there should one place where their names can be found. You have to use the search box at the upper right of the screen to find everywhere a particular person is mentioned.

There are a couple of places where there must have been an influential person, but I don't know who he/she is, so they're listed as unknown1, unknown2, etc..

An apology: in almost every case, there must have been a host of people involved in a project, but I only have the names of one or two of them.  I apologize to all whose names would be on the list had I only known of them.

These people are listed in alphabetical order by last name, even though some clearly have had more wide-spread influence than others.

A Sample of Influential People in the Story of Post-WWII Wooden Synagogues: (in alphabetical order by last name)

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Other names will be added as I get around to them.

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