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The Przedbˇrz Wooden Synagogue
The Przedbˇrz Wooden Synagogue had several features, which taken together made it one of the more notable buildings. The Piechotkas apparently thought this synagogue was one of the most architecturally significant. For example, in their 1996 and 2004 books, the Przedbˇrz Synagogue ceiling is pictured on the inside front and back covers, creating a monumental effect. In their 2004 book, Przedbórz appears to have the most illustrations, and close to the most pages of illustrations and discussion.

Some characteristics of the synagogue were:

See a variety of synagogue pictures:

Credits: Unless otherwise noted, all photos are from a) the collection of Rose Ginsburg, probably originally from Pietchotka [1959] or possibly from the archives of the Institute of Polish Architecture of the Polytechnic of Warsaw, b) from the collection of Tomas Frank, or c) from the 1957, 1996, or 2004 Pietchotka books.

There are some excellent photos in Rejduch-Samkowa [2002], especially of the bimah on pg. 113.

Last modified 24 Feb. 2013