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City Hall views shown from about here. Perspective seems really bad.
Church tower.
Town square views shown from about here.
Bridge views shown from about here.
Pilica River
Widoma (suburb on west side of river) on Hwy 42. (30 km to Radom)
Hwy 42 to Konsk (40 km) Also Hwy 742 to Piotrkow Trybunalski (40km?)
Hwy 742 to Krakow (110 km)
Back roads to Kielce (60-70 km?)
City Hall
Mostowa St.

A     Viewpoint of Town Square Stamps (#5, 7, 11, 15)
B     Viewpoint of Bridge Stamps (#4, 9, 13, 17)
C     Viewpoint of City Hall Stamps (#3, 8, 12, 16)
E     Esther Restaurant
1     Viewpoint of Town Square Photo
2     Photo of Town from Across the River
3     Photo of Synagogue from Across the River
B     (Looking West) Photo of Widoma from Bridge

Photo & Image List:

Town Images Synagogue Images Town on Stamps
  NW view from across the river Town Square on Stamp #5
Town Square Photo SW view from across the river City Hall on Stamp #8
Photo of town from across the river West side from across the river Pilica River Bridge on Stamp #9
Post-WWII Photo of town from across the river List of more synagogue photos  
City Hall Photo    
Photo of Widoma looking west from the bridge

Photo of the bridge and town
More Town Images
WWII Images (see below, also see the Przedbˇrz.com.pl photo gallery mentioned below.)
2007 Photo of the Pilica River Przedbórz.com.pl's gallery of old Przedbórz photos. (Translates well with Google Tool Bar) Click on a photo to enlarge it, then click on the X at lower right to close the enlargement.

This site is really excellent, although there are many missing links to photos.
Map of Poland's
Przedbˇrz Photo Gallery: 1
   City Hall Views: #36, #66, #98, #99  
   The well and other town square photos: #31, #32, #33, #94, #105 The Bagnówka project has other excellent pictures. (This link opens the Przedbˇrz search box, but it's easy to find other towns and topics.)

Note: in May, 2015, I noticed that the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) have image galleries. For example, if you type in Przedbˇrz, Poland, you should be able to see an image gallery with a wide variety of historical and recent photos, usually with attribution saying where the image came from.

1. The numbers are those on the MapofPoland site as of 3 Oct. 2008. If the above links don't work (e.g., the site chances the order of the images, etc.), then you can use the following copies. Click on a photo to see a larger one.
All photos are © odleglosi.pl and/or mapofpoland.net, I believe.

2. The Our Municipality tab of http://www.umprzedborz.com.pl/ says that at one time there were two markets, the "large" and the "small". Presumably the large one is the one generally pictured. The site doesn't say where the "small" market was.

City Hall Photos Town Square and Well Photos










WWII Photos: Click on a small photo to see a larger one.    

Fo. 1: This is a photo of "Przedbˇrz burning", and was probably taken during the first ten days of September, 1939.

Fo. 2: I originally thought this was probably the City Hall, sometime after Sept. 1, 1939, but now I think it's somewhere else in town, perhaps on the same street as Fo. 3, just to the right.

Fo. 3: This photo is also confusing, in part because it's not bombed out like the other photos are, and also because it's hard to tell at which intersection the photo is taken.

It might be looking south from the East end of Mostova St., where the park is.

Fo. 4: Another bombed-out area, perhaps near the town square.

Fo. 5: Town Square during WWII

Fo. 6: View from across the Pilica River near a destroyed bridge? (eBay, Feb. 2012)

Fo. 7: Ruined houses during WWII.

Fo. 8: A nearby farming hamlet during WWII. ("Dorf bei Przedbˇrz" was the original eBay description.)

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