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Note: For #'s 15-17 (Halerzy-denominated Arc Stamps), it may be easiest to check for the common forgeries before checking to see if the stamp is genuine. These stamps can be a little tricky; until recently I had a few for which I vacillated about they were genuine or forged. (The process of building this web site forced me to finally figure it out.)

5th Issue genuine stamps are in only one type (vs. 8 types for 1st issue, 3 for 2nd and 3rd issues, and 2 for 4th issue)

   #15 (5 Hal. Red Town Square)
   #16 (10 Hal. Green City Hall)
   #17 (15 Hal. Blue Pilica River Bridge)

These are images of genuine stamps:


Forgery types 3 & 4 (also called Posthumous Issue VIII)

  • On either side of the 1918 there are "+"s instead of dots
  • Forgery 4 has thicker denomination numerals than Forgery 3.
  • Forgeries 3 & 4 might exist se-tenant; I don't know.
  • On #16 (10 Hal.) forgeries 3 & 4, the right inner frame line goes all the way down instead of stopping above the tree, as shown above for genuine stamps.
  • These exist on two types of paper, white and gray/buff/cream. (I'm not good with colors.) Some of these (Kronenberg says the ones on "gray paper") are watermarked.

    Forgery type 2 has been reserved for a forgery analogous to the F2's of other issues (Alan Blunt's [2004] "heavy lines"). None have yet been reported in the literature, as far as I know.


    Forgery types 1 & 5

  • The arc below 1918 is generally continuous. While the thickness varies, the arcs are much more solid than on genuine stamps. (As seen above, genuine arcs are broken in spots and have dots or lines where earlier issues had rays.)
  • The dot left of 1918 is generally slightly misshapen, with a small flat spot. F5's have the left dot entirely missing.
  • F1's & F5's can be found se-tenant, at least for some of the stamps. (See example below).


    F1 se-tenant with F5 -- an example (#16)


    No. 16 F5 -- No dot to left of "1918" (I've seen these only on #16's.)  -->  







    No. 16 F1 -- Dot to left of "1918" is slightly misshapen   -->  



    See specific features for

  • #15 Gen vs. F1's
  • #16 Gen vs. F1's
  • #17 Gen vs. F1's

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