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Issue II #4 (4 Gr. Violet & Buff Pilica River Bridge) Forgeries

No. 4 F1 (forgery type 1)

  • The left inner frame line becomes broken near the M.
  • The right inner frame line stops directly over the Z.
  • The accent is a thick dash joined to the O.

  • No. 4 F2 (forgery type 2)

  • The top arc is thick and solid, vs. thin and dotted on genuine stamps and other forgeries. (This is the most objective indication.)

    No. 4 F3 (forgery type 3)

  • Like gen. type 2's, the thick middle frame lines are terminated at the bottom by lines about 0.2 mm above the thick line under Miasto Przedbórz. But Miasto Przedbórz is only about 0.15 mm above the line, so that the right horizontal line is attached to the Z; if it were longer, the left line would intersect the M.
  • The accent on the O is almost a round dot, as compared to a teardrop on genuine stamps.
  • The Z in Grosze has a 1.9-2 mm base, vs. a 1.4-1.6 mm base on genuine stamps and other forgeries. The top of the Z is only about 1.4 mm wide, much shorter than the bottom, and giving it a "laid-back" appearance.


    No. 4 F4 (forgery type 4)

  • The dot to left of 1918 is like a comma on its back.
  • The O in Miasto looks slightly “flat-topped”; there is a dot over it and over the E in Przedbórz.

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