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No. 5T2 (genuine type 2)  

No. 5: 6 gr. Blue & Green Town Square Genuine Types (Type 2 illustrated at right.)

No. 5 type 1

  • Thin faint line over "Miasto" and "bórz"; most visible over the “IA” and “Z”.
  • Dot after O of Miasto.
  • Two dots before the M of Miasto (per Kronenberg).

  • No. 5 type 2

  • The line over "bórz" is gone, and is much fainter over Miasto.
  • There are little bumps rising from the frame line under the M.
  • There is a dot to left of the A, a little above the cross-bar, and a lump inside the P near the right top.
  • There is a tiny break near the left end of the line above Grosze, and another one above the R in Grosze.

  • No. 5 type 3 

  • The line is now only over the O in Miasto.
  • Miasto Przedbórz has a variety of dots scattered among the letters. The most consistent is the dot between the O and P, towards the bottom.
  • The accent over the O is only a slight lump, noticable only if you're looking for it.

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    Last modified 29 Sept. 2016