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  #5 Forgery Type 2

No. 5: 6 gr. Blue & Green Town Square Forgery Types 2 & 3



No. 5 F2 (forgery type 2) 
  • The top arc is thick and solid, vs. thin and dotted on genuine stamps
    and other forgeries. (This is the most objective indication.)
  • The entire stamp seems thickly lined and usually mis-colored (per Alan Blunt).
  • Like F3's, F2's have wide-footed M's in Miasto. These M's have 2.1-2.2 mm-wide feet vs. 1.6-1.8 mm wide on genuine and other forged #5's. However, F2's have bell-bottomed M's, unlike F3's. (The left foot of the F2 M, in particular, is rather triangular.)

  •  #5 F2, M in Miasto

     #5 F3, M in Miasto
    No. 5 F3 (forgery type 3)
  • The M of Miasto is somewhat splayed, with the feet about 2.0 mm from the left-most part to the right-most part (as compared to about 1.6-1.8 mm on the genuine stamps and other forgeries.) The base of the left foot is thin on F3's, thick on F2's. (See images immediately above)
  • The accent is a dot, not touching the O.
  • The Z of Groszy has a short top.

    Last modified 28 Sept. 2016