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Identifier Goal: Help you identify/classify any Przedborz stamp,
even if you don't have any others for comparison.

It tries to rely on objective information, rather than subjective impressions.

Acknowledgements: The identifier is mostly based on Blunt (2004), Barefoot (1999) and Petriuk (1985).
I have documented a few things that they did not, and have provided a sequence of steps
designed to reduce false starts.

Note: Petriuk says that if a stamp does not match all of the features
of a genuine stamp, then it is a forgery. #7 F4 is an example, expertized by Petriuk

Tools: I need a 10X illuminated magnifier, a perf gauge, and a millimeter scale.
If that isn't enough, I scan the stamp at high resolution. (Usually 2400 dpi @ 100%, or 1200 dpi @ 200% scale.)
Then, view the stamp in Photoshop® to look at any level of detail
or use the Photoshop ruler tool for measuring.

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Last modified 24 Feb. 2013