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Censorship Markings

Roman Sobus tells me that mail leaving the local town was always censored during WWI and some of the wars immediately following. While censorship markings are usually illegible, here are some examples that are clearer than usual.

Note that I have only seen legible censorship markings on covers originating under Austrian-Hungarian military administration.  Covers originating in German-controlled territories are almost always illegible.

The format seems to be line:

  1. "K.u.K" (Kaiserlich und königlich, or "Imperial and Royal", referring to the fact that from 1867 to 1918, the head of the Habsburgs was simultaneously Emporer of Austria (hence "Imperial") and King of Hungary (hence "Royal")

    "Militäzensur"  is Military Censor.
  2.  the middle line is the name of the town in which the censor was located.  The second censor was located in Granica, but I don't know which it is of Poland's five Granicas.
  3. "zur Beförderung geeignet" is means "suitable for carriage" or "OK to send on to destination".

Also see other (non-censor) auxiliary markings

Better images of censorship markings will be welcomed.
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