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This section illustrates some of the differences between genuine stamps and forgeries:

Lower Grosze


Forgery Type 1 (F1) Fat G (and R), Short-top Z
Forgery 2
Top of Z slopes up slightly.
Forgery 3
"Tight-Mouth G"; lower leg of the Z slopes down slightly to the right.
Forgery 4
"Wide-mouth G" (and wrong dot). (G mouth is about 0.4 mm, vs. 0.2 mm on genuine stamps.)
Forgery 5
"Ultra-wide-mouth G" (G mouth is about 0.6 mm at outer edges, vs. 0.2 mm on genuine stamps.) (continued below.)
Forgery 5, cont'd: AND "half-top Z": Top of lower Z is about 1.0-1.1 mm long, vs. 1½ mm on the bottom, and 1.4 mm on genuine Z's. (The "half-top Z" is actually a misnomer because the width is about 70% of genuine, instead of half.)

Last modified 24 Feb. 2013