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Here are three types of Mi2 oddities:
  1. A Mi2 F2 with a dot at the left margin, listed on eBay, February 2015. It's not a great image but it's useful none the less.
  2. A genuine Mi2 (type 6) with fine top perfs, as a result of being perf'd twice. It looks like a perf. 23 (2X11.5) result.
  3. Two Mi2 forgeries perfs through the middle of the stamp.

MiF2 with wing dot
This F2 with a dot differs from a genuine Mi2 or an F4 because the dot is connected to both the edge of the wing and the nearest "U" (representing a feather).

The dot on genuine stamps touches only the wing; the dot on F4's touches only the feather (or U).

Genuine Mi2 with fine perfs on top. Scan courtesy of J. Šimůnek. The original has a Janusz Berbeka certificate, translation courtesy of Roman Sobus.

This is a previously undocumented Mi2 type 6, "double line perforation error" (i.e. the perf wheel was run through twice without moving the stamps.)

Mi 2 Forgery Misperf Oddities

These are two misperforated forgeries, each with a horizontal row of perforations across the middle. I once thought forgeries like this were pretty common, but in fact they aren't seen often.

  #2 F3

  #2 F5

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Last modified 21 July 2015