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Michel number 3 with double perf on left.

Mi. #3 type 1 with double perf. on left. Note that everything is perf. 10, except for the top, which I'm told is perf. 9½.

The perf. 9½ seems to be previously undocumented.

Scan courtesy of Bill Williges.


Mi 3 Forgery Oddity
This is notable because of the color, size, detail of the numeral 2's, etc.

When my friend Hagen Hanke posted this item on the internet, I just couldn't believe it. I didn't know what I was looking at. The color is wrong (genuine Mi 3's are green), the "2"'s weren't quite right, etc. When I finally saw the item, I discovered the size is wrong as well:

The vignette on genuine stamps and other forgeries is about 22-23 mm high and 30-31 mm wide. This "stamp" is about 19 mm high and 25 mm wide. The paper looks a little too smooth, as if it's been cute out from a book and then Photoshopped™ or something similar. Is it perhaps a cutout from a misprinted catalogue? An essay for a previously unknown forgery?
The left inner frame is like an type 1 or F1, the right inner frame is like an type 2 or 3 or F2.
It's easily one of the very strangest Przedbórz items I've ever seen.

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Last modified 21 July 2015