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Mi 8 Type 1 Half Imperf Oddity
This has the top and left side perforation 10, and the other two sides are imperf.  Very strange.  The stamp is genuine.

I thought the perforations look rather standard for this issue, and the imperf edges are consistent with a Mi 7 imperf and a Mi 10 imperf that I have.

However, the consensus of some people at ChicagoPex 2014 is that it's very unlikely the imperf edges are genuine:

  1. The cancellation is totally false, making other chicanery more likely,
  2. One expert thought the margins might be a little narrow, and he thought he saw a trace of indentations caused by a perforating machine,
  3. And no genuine matching items have been reported.
So, it's not impossible that the imperf edges are genuine, but it's very unlikely.

Note the low dot between the 1 & 8 in 1918.  If that is a consistent mark, perhaps this issue can be plated.

Read a PDF with my detailed analysis.


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Last modified 21 July 2015