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Quick Start Guide: If you have a Przedbórz stamp to identify,
  1. Find the catalog number, issue, and (important!) classification ("Eagle", "Arc", "Ray", "Sheaf").
  2. See pictures of each genuine and forgery type, for each catalog number.
  3. See the separate sets of instructions for Eagle stamps, Arc stamps, Ray stamps, or Sheaf stamps.

My personal strategy is to first see if the stamp is a forgery.
If it doesn't seem to be a forgery, only then do I look to see what type of genuine stamp it might be.
Since 80-95% of stamps sold on eBay seem to be forgeries, this strategy takes care of the most likely situation first.

When I first started, sometimes I had to go back and forth several times, but now I can do it more efficiently and with less confusion.

Read important background about the Identifier.

Abbreviations & nomenclature:

Basics of Przedbórz stamp identification: