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This section lists various types of stamps (and/or other stamp-like items). The definitions are mostly taken verbatim from the AskPhil Glossary 1 Broken Link Symbol(Link broken since sometime in 2012-3) of over 35,000 stamp terms in various languages. An internet search for "philatelic glossary" or "stamp collecting glossary" will yield definitions which may be somewhat different than those below.

The list is organized as follows: the term, AskPhil's definition Broken Link Symbol(edited in a couple of places) and then comments on how that definition may or may not fit the Przedbórz 6th-8th issues.

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Broken Link Symbol   denotes a link that was broken last time I checked.

1.  The above definitions have also been influenced by the sidebar in Wayne Youngblood's Spurious Stamps article in the August 2010 American Philatelist and his "Mostly Misunderstood: Part II of Confusing Hobby Terminology" column in the June 2014 American Philatelist issue.

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