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There are only two types of genuine #11-13 ray stamps. ALL other #11-13 ray stamps are forgeries.

Summary of Issue III #11-13 Genuine Distinctions

No. 11: 5 Hal. Red Town Square Note: Genuine stamps of both types have faint vertical lines near the right 5. See additional points from a November 2008 auction.

Gen Type 1
Gen Type 2
At the right side of “1918," there’s a tiny dot to the outside of the large dot. A ray under the A of Miejska is interrupted, so that it looks like a dot under the letter. (Kronenberg scan V7_P51)
There are four dots around the left 5. (But the lower left one is really three dots very close together.)

No. 12: 10 Hal. Green City Hall

Gen Type 1
Gen Type 2
The left inner frame line descends solidly only to the roof line, although there are some thin spotty remnants further down.
The left inner frame line is complete to the bottom.

Look at the lower right 10, above.
  • On genuine #12's, the base of the "0" is lower than the base of the "1".
  • It's most noticeable on type 2 stamps (illustrated), where the base of the "0" is about 2 mm lower than the "1";
  • on type 1's, the difference is only 1 mm.

No. 13: 15 Hal. Blue Pilica River Bridge

Gen Type 1
Gen Type 2
Dot between the Z and Y of Halerzy, just above the lower Halerzy frame line. The left inner frame line is mostly complete from the top to the bottom.
Left inner frame line is mostly missing from the river bank to the top of the building roof.

Haven't identified it yet? See if it's a different forgery.

Last modified 17 Aug. 2015