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Now classify genuine ray stamps. Any other ray stamps are forgeries.

Summary of Issue III #7-9 Genuine Distinctions

No. 7: 2 gr. Green Town Square

Gen Type 1

Dot between S & Z of Grosze, near the S just above the point on the S closest to the Z.

Gen Type 2

Dot between the top lines of the Z & E in Grosze. A short horizontal line near the upper left corner of the Grosze box. Dot after the right-hand 2, but higher than the foot. (In type 3's the dot is at the same level as the foot.)

Gen Type 3

A vertical line inside the right side of the Grosze box, starting about 0.45 mm from the top of the box, and trailing off in a series of dots about halfway down. There’s a dot under the G in Grosze, a little to the right of the curve of the G, and a number of perhaps fainter dots elsewhere near the inner frame of the box, and near the nose and tail of the right 2.

No. 8: 4 gr. Red City Hall

Gen Type 1
Gen Type 2
Gen Type 3
Right inner frame line stops 0.5 mm above top of tree.
Two dots about 0.25 mm above top of tree; right inner frame line continues down like the middle one. Right inner frame line stops at or below top of tree. The two dots are now longer, and end almost at the tree top. The right dot is now about 0.75 mm long, whereas in type 2 it's about 0.55 mm long.
In addition, Kronenberg (scan V7_P55) points out that the left inner frame line stops above the building roof on type 2 stamps, but on types 1 & 3, it continues to the horizontal frame line above "Miasta Przedborza".

No. 9: 6 gr. Violet Pilica River Bridge

Gen Type 1

Left outer frame line sticks out 0.3 mm from the “6" box; the right line almost lines up.

Look at the right leg of the "A" in "Miejska". There's a dot between the leg and the inner frame line. (Kronenberg V7_P55)

Gen Type 2

Right outer frame line sticks out 0.2-0.3 mm from the “6" box; the left line almost lines up.

(Kronenberg [scan V7P_55) refers to a dot under the 2nd A of Rada, but in my collection it's too hard to see, and to differentiate from similar dots on the other types.)

Gen Type 3

Right outer frame line sticks out 0.2-0.25 mm from the “6" box; the left line lines up exactly. The left inner frame line is broken at the roof line of the building.

Above the denomination box, there's a thin line under the "IA" of "Miasta". (Kronenberg, same scan.)

Haven't identified it yet? See if it's a different forgery.

See #11-13 genuine types.

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