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Ray stamps: the three lower values of Issues III & IV (#’s 7-9, 11-13).

For me, they are easier to classify than the other stamps.

First, check for forgeries. Look for:

Wrong Rays (F1): The rays between Rada and Miejska slope downwards to the right instead of the left. There are numerous other differences:

  • The printing is usually lighter and coarser than on genuine stamps.
  • Rada Miejska is in smaller letters, and slopes down to the right:
  • The left top of the R is much closer to the top frame than is the final A of Miejska.

  • Long Rays (F3): The ray between D and A of Rada is continuous instead of broken. (These are also known as Posthumous Issues #6 & #7, depending on whether the originals are from Issue III or IV.)

    Bold Rays (F2)
    These appear to be drawn with a "thick pen", according to Alan Blunt (Blunt 2004).

  • The R is Rada is another clue. In genuine stamps, the top is a little rounded.
  • On F2 forgeries, the top is flat and often slopes down to the right.
  • F2 forgeries are not common.

    See F2 examples.

    Genuine Stamps. Before identifying other forgeries, see if you have a known type of genuine stamp.
    Go to the genuine ray stamp identifier.


    Last modified 24 Feb. 2013