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#6 forgery type 2
#6 Forgery 2  
  • "PPM" letters in hammers and top of sheaf.
  • Both inner frame lines end above "Miasto Przedbórz";
    on genuine stamps and other forgeries at least one
    descends to the top of the value box.

  • #6 forgery type 3

    #6 genuine type 3 (slightly different scale)

    #6 forgery type 5 (slightly different scale)

    #6 Forgery 3 & 5
    The lettering quite different, especially
  • The "G" in "Groszy" has a top arc which curves down; it doesn't on genuine stamps and other forgeries. I.e., the opening on a type 3 or 5 forgery is about 0.2 mm. vs. 0.4 mm on genuine stamps.
  • The foot of the "M" in Miasto is splayed, so that it is about 2.1 mm wide vs. 1.8 mm on genuine stamps.
  • F3's & F5's have a short top to the Z of Groszy; other #6's don't.
  • F5's differ from F3's in that F5's have a wider sheaf than F3's. See below.
  • On F3's & F5's, the top of the hammers are about 2.3-2.4 mm wide. On genuine stamps, they are about 2.8-3 mm wide. (This idea recorded by Kronenberg [scan V7-P40])

    #6 genuine hammers (probably slightly different scale)
    The "back side" of the hammer tops are wider than those on F3's and F5's.

  • #6 forgery type 3 sheaf

    #6 forgery type 5 sheaf

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