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No. 14 & 18: 20 Hal. purple; "RPM" lettering on hammers and sheaf. 3 lines at top of left arc

Note: Genuine #14 and #18 ALWAYS have a flat top on the 2nd A of Rada. Forgeries are known with both pointed and flat A's, but if it's pointed, you know it's a forgery!

Genuine #14 Stamps (Two types)
#14 Type 1, left value box


#14 Type 1, Miejska detail
Type 1: Empty top to left-hand value box. Break in border above E in Miejska. Thin line under the "ORZ" of Przedbórz. (Kronenberg scan V7_P51) Note: This line is not present on #14 type 2 or #18 stamps.

Type 2: Line in upper left corner of left "20" box.


#14 Type 2, left value box

#18 (one type only) : Like #14 type 1,but with a large dot and a tiny dot under the A of Miejska, and no break over the E. (Or only the tiniest break.) (#14 doesn't have the dots.)
#18, Miejska detail (rotated)

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