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Sheaf Stamps: The highest values of Issues II-V (#6, 10, 14, 18), all of which show a wheat sheaf with hammers on each side.

In general,
genuine stamps are clearly printed with smooth arcs for the top and bottom of the sheaf.
F1 forgeries tend to have blotchy printing and more irregular arcs on the sheaf.
In F2 forgeries, the left hammer head, top center of sheaf, and right hammer head have "PPM", respectively.
F3 forgeries differ from issue to issue; see the detail below.

No. 6: 10 gr. Red & Buff; No lettering on hammers or sheaf.

Genuine #6 Stamps

Type 1: Upturned tip of right hand 1 (it's a vertical line about 0.3 mm long.)

The left arc has two lines at the top. (Left scan)

The final Z in Przedbórz has a dent in it, or more commonly has a break in the bottom line. (Right scan) [These two points are noted by Kronenberg (Scan V7_P62)]

Type 2: Extra lines inside box at left of Miasto; Right inner frame line stops above lettered area.

Secondary characteristics:

Type 3: Line under "ORZ", extending to outer frame line

See more features of #6 Sheaf Stamps, including a strip of three providing an example of how the stamp images are not lined up parallel to the perforations. Also see a genuine type 2 with open corners on the left side of the Groszy box.

Last modified 24 Feb. 2013