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This page has scans of regular stamps, proofs with different background colors, and proofs with white (no) background color.

Note: the scanned background colors are not accurate on some of the "regular-issue" stamps, and see the note at bottom of the page regarding the "no background" stamps.

Stamp Regular-Issue Stamps Proofs with Different Background Colors Proofs with No Background Colors
Cat. #3
Cat. #3, "olive" on light olive
Cat. #3Pb, olive on light rose
Cat. #3Pa, olive, no background
Cat. #4
Cat. #4, violet on buff
#4Pb, violet on greenish
#4Pa, violet, no background color
Cat. #5
#5, blue on light olive
#5Pb, blue on light rose
#5Pa, blue, no background color
Cat. #6
#6 red on buff
#6Pb, red on light green
#6Pa, red, no background color

Note: Some stamps in the right column have had the background removed with Photoshop, because the original scans did not have a white background. As such, these are not necessarily accurate representations. Consider them more as indicative, rather than definitive.

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Last modified 26 May 2015