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General Polish-English Translating

The Good Luck! section describes my early experience with free internet (computer) translations, and remains only because I don't like to throw things out. Feel free to scroll down to the next horizontal line.

We Have Good Luck!

This review of internet free translation sites was first done in December, 2007, and updated in April 2008. However, in October 2008, there are more sites, and some of the earlier ones are much improved. They are more consistent and seem to give better translations.

About 12 sites are reviewed below. There are others, but I ran out of energy for tracking them down. Your comments, corrections, and additions will be much appreciated.

Testing Procedure:

  1. Pick a standard English phrase and have the translation service translate it into Polish (or whatever language you're working with.) In our case, the standard phrase is "Good Luck". (Based on the October 2008 results, we'll have to come up with a more complex phrase.)
    I suspect that most of the better translation services are all sharing one translation engine, probably Google's.
  2. Take the resulting Polish and translate it back into English. This is called back-translation, which seems to be a standard term, although I first heard about this technique from Herb Volin in my local stamp club.