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Quick Start Guide:
Stamp Collectors and Philatelists: Identify a Przedbórz stamp (genuine? forged? which type?)
or read about Przedbórz philatelic history.

Read about Polish Wooden Synagogues.

This is not the whole story:
"PRZEDBORZ, a town of Poland, 18 m. E of Radimsk, on the r. bank of the Pilica. Pop. 600"
From A Gazetteer of the World, or Dictionary of Geographical Knowledge,
Compiled From The Most Recent Authorities,
And Forming A Complete Body of Modern Geography, .....
Vol. XI, Peru — Santander

A. Fullarton & Co., Edinburgh, London and Dublin, 1855

Purpose of this website: provide access to everything I can find out about Przedbórz, Poland,
and its stamps, especially about efficient ways to detect forgeries.
I now use this site myself to identify which type of genuine or forged stamp I'm looking at.

Read the Synopsis, or see the site map.

Location of Przedborz within Poland
Location of Przedbórz within Poland
Read  about a German Medic's 1915 visit to Przedbórz

Also see a new reference guide to the various Przedbórz proofs.

Identify any Przedbórz Stamp, genuine or forged; see the five issues,
or read the philatelic history.

Read about the history and geography of the town and its stamps,
and about the town's famous synagogue.

(Certain snippets of Russian and Polish Philatelic history are part of the
context for Przedbórz history. Some of these have been placed in the
Philatelic History section because they also seem relevant to that narrower topic.)

See a bibliography of Przedbórz and related stamp articles, etc. in English,
German and/or Polish.

See an annotated listing of about 80 links, which is updated fairly frequently.

More stuff to follow, including general Polish and Jewish history. (See preview.)

Read about Stanley Kronenberg


  1. I have made extensive use of Wikipedia. See further discussion about what problems this can cause.
  2. This site was developed over several years, so there is a variety of page layouts, wide range of scan quality, etc. In particular, many scans have inaccurate colors. (Always clean the scanner glass before making a scan. Hank Bieniecki recommends placing a sheet of black matte paper -- like construction paper -- behind the item to be scanned. Now they tell me. Perhaps one day I'll be able to rescan some of the items.)
  3. This site is active in the sense that major or minor changes occur fairly often. The most frequent changes were probably during 2008-9 as new sections were written and others were corrected/expanded/simplified, etc. The What's New page sometimes has updated stats on page age.
  4. I have seen the town name spelled in a variety of ways: Przedbórz (the correct spelling), Przedborz, Przedbòrz, Przedborza, Przedbórza, and (in transliterated Russian,) Przhedborzh. (Пржедборжъ in Cyrillic Russian.) There are, I believe, four Przedbórzs in Poland; this is the largest one. (http://mapa.szukacz.pl/ can find the other three, or see the list here.)

    http://www.ceprr-radomsko.pl/przedborz.html (dead link) said the town has also been named Pretbora, Przedbora, Pretborius, Przedbor.

    The Jewish Cemetery Project's Przedborz Page lists eight names: Przedbórz, Pshedbuzh, Preshedborz, Pshedbosh, Pshedbozh, Pshedburz , Пшедбуж [Russian], פשדבוז [Yiddish]. JewishGen (20 Mar. 2012) adds Pshedbosh and Pshedbozh

    So the 17-name combined list is:  
    Przedbórz Przedborz Przedbòrz Przedborza Przedbórza Pshedbozh
    Przhedborzh Pretbora Przedbora פשדבוז (Yiddish) Пржедборжъ (Cyrillic Russian) Pshedbosh
    Pretborius Przedbor Pshedbuzh Preshedborz Pshedburz  

    (According to the JewishGen Gazetteer, the Czech Republic has some similar-sounding places: Four named Předboř and one Předboj. )
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    I found I was looking at old pages of my own website. Disgusting!
  8. I may have offended some people by being imprecise about terms such as "Russian Poland" and "Kingdom of Poland". I apologize, and will make corrections as soon as I understand what to correct and how to do it.
  9. Note: Any resemblance to the Winchester Mystery House is purely coincidental.
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Corrections, additions, suggestions, high-resolution scans of other Przedbórz stamps, of unusual covers, of large multiples, or pictures of town, all eagerly welcomed.

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