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History & Geography -> Przedbórz Town History

1145 -- Przedbórz is first mentioned, in a document granting income (from tolls?) to the Trzemenesznie monastery. It's not clear if the town is owned by the King or by the monastery.

A) who owned or had jurisdiction over the town? The King or the monastery?

B) how did the ownership/jurisdiction change between 1145 and third partition in 1795?

C) What tolls were being granted in 1145? Only bridge or ferry tolls?

1792-95 -- Poland has become a weak country, unable to defend itself. Three partitions leave Przedbórz in the Austrian (or possibly Prussian?) section. (The Pilica river was probably one of the boundaries, in which case Przedbórz would have been a border town.)

A) After the third partition, was the Pilica river one of the boundaries?

B) Was Widoma in the Prussian section and Przedbórz in the Austrian section?

C) If so, was there a customs station at one or both of the bridge entrances?

1800's and perhaps earlier Was Przedbórz really noted for good beer and impressive horse auctions/fairs?
Widoma A) What is known about this suburb?
B) E.g., what was its street layout?
C) When is it first mentioned in historical documents?
D) Where was its synagogue, and when was it constructed?
E) Was Widoma originally the Jewish Quarter?
F) Was it often spelled Widama, or is that simply a typo?

History & Geography ->Przedbórz Town History -> The Castle

According to, the castle was destroyed no later than the 1800's. (Perhaps by 1795, depending on the translation of the Slownik [1888] article, which you can download from the bibliography section.)

When was the castle actually destroyed?

History & Geography -> Przedbórz Town History

February, 1915 (probably) -- Russia is pushed back from the Western part of Poland. Fighting in and around Przedbórz is generally over for the rest of the War, and the town comes under Austrian occupation.

Where was the front line in/around Przedbórz?
When was Russia pushed back?
When (if ever) was the front line near Przedbórz again?

History & Geography -> Philatelic History

Przedbórz was on an important east-west road, but not important for east-west communications to/from Warsaw or Krakow, so it's unlikely to have had much in the way of regular postal service early on. (Per [Zaprzal 1956, pp. 30-31], there were 22 mail routes by 1772, one of which went from Konsk through Przedbórz.

When did regular postal service first go through Przedbórz?

 Was Przedbórz one of the original stops?

 When did Przedbórz receive an official post office, and where was it first located?


When was free local delivery introduced in Poland?

When did it get to Przedbórz?


How was mail delivered before and after the local delivery stamp period (Dec. 18, 1917 to sometime in August, 1918)?

  How were the local delivery stamps cancelled? If the cover was returned to the post office, it could have been cancelled there. But if the recipient kept the cover, how were the stamps cancelled? Did the letter carrier carry a cancelling machine? Maybe that's why the cancels are hard to read. (Thanks to Unca' Joe.)


How was outgoing mail processed both during the period of local delivery stamps and before/after? (E.g., did a householder or business “tip” the carrier to take a letter back to the post office? Was there a standard fee for such service?)


Why did the occupying powers care whether or not a town issued its own local delivery stamps?

History & Geography -> Philatelic History -> Radoszyce - furthest known delivery?

Outlying communities were served by the Botenpost, some sort of auxiliary messenger service What more is known about the Botenpost? Was it part of the local delivery service, or more like a Wells Fargo suburban/regional delivery service? What were its rates and schedule?

History & Geography -> Polish Wooden Synagogues in general -> The Przedborz Wooden Synagogue

What is known about Yehuda Leib? Was he a professional synagogue muralist? Where did he live? What else was he known for?

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