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Przedbórz is a small town on the Pilica river, about 40% of the way from Krakow to Warsaw, and a little west from a straight line. I pronounce it approx. "pshed'-bush", but when I do, people correct me, snicker, or look at me quizzically. (My Japanese is even worse.)

Przedbórz issued 18 local delivery stamps during the seven-month period from late December 1917 to late July 1918. There were 5 issues:

  1. December 18, 1917 (2 stamps)
  2. February 26, 1918 (4 stamps)
  3. March 15, 1918 (4 stamps)
  4. March 27, 1918 (4 stamps)
  5. July 26, 1918 (4 stamps)

The stamps are interesting because there are more than 400 genuine varieties, and probably 400 varieties of forgeries as well. These may be the most complex of all the Poland WWI local issues. For example, Barefoot [1999] devotes 7-1/2 pages to Warsaw locals, and 14 to Przedbórz.

Forgeries are so common that even the website for the Przedbórz museum shows forgeries, not genuine stamps.

This site is my effort to make it easier for you to identify your Przedbórz stamps. It was tough when:

Try it. I hope you'll like it.

Last modified 25 Feb. 2013