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Most of the philatelic material in the website is taken from Alan Blunt [2004], John Barefoot, [1999] and Stefan Petriuk [1985].

Apparently the original synagogue documentation and photography was by Szymon Zajczyk, who perished in the holocaust on 27 May 1944. He is believed to be the original sources of the wooden synagogue photos.

I want to particularly thank:

And, of course, my family for their encouragement (you know who you are) or at least their patience and forbearance (ditto),

Special thanks to Lydia Idem and Unca' Joetoshop, for extra-special encouragement, tutoring, and on-going help.

My apologies to those whose names I've inadvertently omitted.

This project is dedicated to the millions who died in WWI & WWII, including those in Przedbórz.



  • As noted above, the basic data primarily comes from:
  • Blunt [2004] "Przedborz Revisited" [I have used his forgery types to the maximum extent possible.]
  • Barefoot [1999] "Poland 1918 Locals", who has excellent illustrations
  • Petriuk [1985] Stadtpostampter, etc.
  • The illustrations are my own, except for a couple of the F2's which are from photocopies provided by Alan Blunt
  • The wonderful "Finder" series of nature guides (e.g., the Pacific Coast Tree Finder, the Rocky Mountain Flower Finder, etc.) provided the inspiration for finding a good sequence for identifying each stamp type, especially in the first issue.
  •   Town Map and Photos

  • The map itself is traced from something Tomas Frank [Frank Architects, Berkeley, California] had.
  • The synagogue, town, town square, and Widoma photos are all from, with copyrights as noted on the photos. (I can't read some of them very well.)
  • Post-WWII Przedborz is from a postcard purchased on eBay. Reverse is labeled "Ideal-Postkarte, Ica, Aktiengesellschaft, Dresden."
  •   Other

  • Comments attributed to the late Stan Wlodek are based on his emails, letters, and phone conversations. I apologize to him and his family for any misquotes and/or misunderstandings.
  • Read about fair use.

  • See list of those helping to improve this website after about mid-December, 2007.

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