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Read about (mostly philatelic) Technical Stuff,
    Website Technical Stuff,
    (Philatelic) Miscellany, and/or outright Trivia.

"Technical Stuff" is of several types:

  1. Postal Rates, usage, dates and quantities issued, etc. These are described in postal history.
  2. Printing, perforation, plating, and color varieties, as well as sheet layout, etc. These are described under "identifier - varieties".
  3. Cancellations, genuine and forged, with their varieties. These are described under "identifier - cancels".
  4. Website technical stuff some viewers may find interesting or useful.

Miscellany: (Philatelic items not mentioned elsewhere.)
Trivia: This is stuff that's far afield from Przedbórz and its stamps, but which came up in doing research.
  1. The Ferro, Ferrótól, or Ferrói prime meridian: (this section is just a start.)

Last modified 17 Mar. 2013